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Monthly Archive: October 2016

Best Home Security System To Buy In 2016

Best Home Security System To Buy In 2016

The best and top preferred home security system has the best success record in safeguarding your home and your possessions. Unfortunately, many people never buy these home security systems even though they truly need it. The past data shows that homes using home security system are 300% less prone to break-ins.

It is really important to install a home security system since the number of crime rate is increasing well in recent days. When shopping Fort Worth home security systems, you can consider the top home security system company in the city. The website http://www.ucrdatatool.gov/Search/Crime/State/StatebyState.cfm lists the violent and property crime details in various states in The US.

There are various manufacturers that produce home alarm and home security systems. In this article, you can understand the best home security system based on five important elements like budget, reliability, home automation, DIY installation, big-name etc.

FrontPoint is the top ranked device for various features including simple DIY installation, enhance wireless and cellular technology, and also top ranked GE security device. FrontPoint allows you to install the security system by yourself and it saves the money spent on hiring a professional for installation. Another big advantage of this system is it is totally portable system where you can move the system easily on your own when you move from that place.

It is one among few home security systems that offers complete monitoring against fire, carbon monoxide detection, flood and also breakage in natural gas line. It constantly holds the top position when it comes to security devices, monitoring, alerts, customer service etc.

The big drawback in FrontPoint is it lacks professional installation. Though DIY installation saves your money you lack the technician installation.

If you want a reliable home security system then LifeShield is the best option. It offers DIY or professional installation and you can choose anyone as per your requirement. It also provides extra backup layers when the phone line is damaged or power cut. Another great feature of Lifeshield is it provides local crime details and alerts so that you are well intimated about the level of security coverage at your home. The downside of LifeShield is it lacks home automation features like controlling appliances, lights, and home temperature using remote control.

LiveWatch is the right home security option based on budget. It is affordable and simple home security system without compromising on their quality. It gives 100% customizable home security system and makes the cost you invest on home security system low by providing DIY installation and preventing additional hardware. If you have any query in the installation process, the customer service professionals are available on the phone to guide you through the installation process. Once the installation process is completed, they will do live tests on the home security system to make sure whether it works rightly.

Vivint is the best option when you need a home security system with home automation features. It has 3 entry sensors, a touch screen panel, key fob and motion detector. It has excellent control over the lights, appliances, and temperature of your home from anywhere.