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Monthly Archive: June 2017

The Emerging Trend Of Buying A Moissanite Engagement Ring


Moissanite is a favourite gemstone which is known for its incomparable perfection and beauty. There is an increasing popularity of moissanite engagement rings being used by many people around the world. The important feature of a moissanite ring is that it looks very much the same as a diamond ring. This makes it more popular as many prefer to buy a diamond ring for their engagement. Moissanite Engagement Rings are available in various styles and models. There are different reasons for the emerging trend of the moissanite engagement ring. There was an article published on the site www.diamondworld.net which talked about the use of moissanite as a perfect substitute for diamonds.

The article talks about the various reasons for the emerging trend of using a moissanite ring as an engagement ring. It shares why people prefer to buy moissanite rings compared to other gemstones.

Resembles Diamond
It is the dream of every bride to wear a diamond engagement ring. It is not possible for everyone to afford to buy a diamond ring. The moissanite engagement rings look similar to that of the diamond rings, and these are available at a lower cost. The cost of the moissanite is just only one tenth of that of the diamond ring. The moissanite engagement rings sparkle similar to that of the diamond rings. It exhibits greater fire effect as that of the diamond gemstone. This makes it a preferred choice for most of the couples.

Couples wear an engagement ring as a symbol of their love and lifelong commitment. It is important that the ring chosen should be durable and lasts forever. The moissanite gemstone is synthesised to utmost perfection in a laboratory. So the moissanite engagement rings are extremely durable than that of a diamond ring. It is the main reason for the emerging trend of moissanite engagement rings.

Sparkling Gemstone
People choose their engagement ring based on the brilliance it possesses. The moissanite rings exhibit exceptional brilliance. The double refraction property of the stone makes it for sparkling more than a diamond in the presence of light. The high refractive index of the moissanite gemstone is the primary reason for its brilliance.

Huge Models And Styles
The moissanite gemstone comes in a number of shapes and sizes. This has led to the popularity of the stone. In the recent years, there are various shops and online stores showcasing different models of moissanite jewellery. There are numerous collections of moissanite engagement rings available in the market. The moissanite engagement ring looks trendy and matches the current trend. Couples of today prefer to wear a stylish ring for their engagement ring. The tastes of today’s couple are satisfied by the beautiful collections of moissanite engagement rings available on the market.
There are various online stores which offer thousands of unique models of moissanite rings for the couples. This makes it easy for the couples to select their beautiful engagement rings quickly and easily. The online stores offer a wide variety of models than the traditional stores.
The above are the reasons for the emerging trend of moissanite engagement ring in the recent years.