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Golden Grill Teeth- The Latest Trend


Everyone loves gold, silver, and diamond. The latest trend in fashion is golden teeth, the hip-hop trend, worn by most of the singers out there. We have seen many people using the golden crown to cover their teeth. Now the trend has changed, and it has become a fashion statement. There are different types of gold fronts found in the market. There are different styles found all over the internet check some of the latest trends at Amazon.com.

Before we could find permanent golden teeth used, but nowadays there are many removable models found in the market. The removable gold grills can be styled out using gold, silver, white gold that is platinum and they can design using diamond, sapphire or ruby. It all depends on the money you are ready to shell out to get a trendy model custom made just for you. Golden grills have become a fashion statement, and we find many celebrities flaunting out the latest ones. They can be worn easily because they are removable and used as a new fashion trend.

Different karats in gold and white gold are available. It again depends on your budget, the more the karat, the costlier they are. We get 24K golden grills, and they are pure gold and the costliest of all. The look is excellent if you choose a 24K grill for your teeth because they have a shine and class. They don’t stain easily and one of the best option if you are ready to shell out that extra sum. The next option is 18K, and they are not pure gold but the second best to gold. The best part about 18K is they are very durable and comes very close to pure gold. They can have the same shine.
The next option if you are looking for the cheaper version is 10K and 14K. They are strong and durable, and they don’t tend to bend like pure gold and 18K models. The only disadvantage is they tend to stain. You can even choose the ones studded with diamond and ruby. We find many rappers and celebrity wearing the diamond studded models. Hip hop singers love using diamond studded ones. You can customize your diamond studded grills according to your taste, and you can even use one diamond or as many as you like.

The maintenance of golden grills is easy. The cheaper models made from 10K, 14K and 18K, tend to stain, so it is always better you don’t smoke when using them. The gold is mixed with other metals, so they tend to stain. The best option, in this case, is 18K and 24K. They never stain because their purity is higher. You can polish all the models to retain their sheen. Keep them in a safe place, because they are delicate and tend to break if not handled properly. You can wash the 24K golden grills and clean them with a dry cloth to retain the sheen. Unlike the other karats the 24K grills never lose their sheen.

There are so many models, pick one for yourself for the party ahead.

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