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Is Filtered Water Beneficial?

bottle_tapYou can’t live a life without water. The question arises on whether to use the tap water or is bottled water safe.Getting filtered water directly is much cost effective than buying plastic bottles or containers filled with water. This may save you money as well reduce the use of plastic.

Moreover, filtered water makes you feel healthier and stronger. Waterborne diseases are more prevalent. The statistics report from the Minnesota Health Department in
http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/idepc/dtopics/waterborne/statistics.html proves the fact.

There are a lot more good reasons to use filtered water for your entire family. You can get rid of different smelling and tasting water with the help of filtered water.

Reasons To Use Filtered Water
You can use filtered water for your entire water system so you can get the flexibility to use filtered water right from the water you drink to the water you use for showering. Since it removes the unnecessary toxins from the water, it would be beneficial for cooking purposes.

1. Taste And Smell
Most people don’t drink enough water as they are not fond of the taste and smell of water. This may lead to dehydration. Filtered water tastes and smells much better.

2. Chlorinated Products
Chlorine is not good for health in the long run, and the filters will remove the chlorine content from the water. This makes the water safe to drink.

3. Lead Content
Lead in water may be due to several reasons. One reason frequently heard is due to the water pipes made of lead. This is highly dangerous, and the risk of using it can be avoided by consuming filtered water.

External Beauty Due To Filtered Water
We have seen the goodness of filtered water for internal goodness, but let’s now see the changes it causes externally.

1. Glossy Hair
It is important to remove the chlorine content from filtered water to make your hair shiny. The chlorine content in water would make your hair dry and brittle.

2. Smooth Hair
Chlorine is not so good because it dries out your hair. If you remove the chlorine content from the water, then you can feel the softness in your hair texture after coming from the shower.

3. Smooth Skin
The texture of your skin is an indicator of how healthy you are. Consuming and taking a shower in filtered water can aid you in having a smooth skin. The goodness it does to the hair is same as the goodness it does to skin.

4. Lowers Skin Ailments
Chlorine initially may seem to be fine, but when used for a longer time it may lead to several skin ailments. Instead of spending too much money on buying costly body lotions and heading to a dermatologist, better change to a filtered water right away.

5. Healthy Nails
Water filter increases your chance of having healthy looking dull which doesn’t chip easily. The chlorine may affect the nails either due to washing your hands in it or drinking. Removing those toxins may give you stronger nails.

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