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How To Shop For A Winter Jacket For Women

winter jacketsNo matter in which place you reside owning a comfortable winter jacket is mandatory. The reason may be to survive the winter or just to feel cozy indoor. There are numerous cold weather women’s coats available in the market which will make you confused on which one to choose. The features discussed below will aid you better to come to a conclusion.

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Winter jackets have different features available and every season you can find new models coming up. The most common features are the fleece lined pockets, buttoned hoods having durable insulation with the waterproof outer layer. These features will be essential to stay outdoors in winter to get your jobs done and at the same time enjoy the weather.

Outer Covering
When buying a winter jacket the first thing to look is the climatic condition you live. You can find few jackets to be completely waterproof and others to be water resistant and not completely waterproof. The type of shell covering used like lightweight nylon materials or polyester materials determine the amount of water getting sealed out.

Insulation can be split into Down Insulation and Synthetic Insulation.

The material used for down insulation are from ducks. The layer under the fluffy feathers will be used for insulation purposes and only if the bird is killed the material for insulation can be obtained. To avoid killing of birds, this layer will be taken from birds who are raised to be used exclusively for meat. Down insulation is warmer than synthetic insulation as it traps the warm air generated from the skin.

As the name implies synthetic insulation is made of synthetic materials like polyester and will not lose loft when it becomes wet.