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Grading The Top Garage Floor Jacks

Floor jacks may sound like simple tools for your garage but the extensive range available makes the selection process difficult. There are jacks for small cars, cheap floor jacks, high lift and low profile jacks, 2 ton and 3 ton, heavy duty and light weight jacks, aluminum and steel jacks are just a few types available. The choice can be narrowed down based on the requirements of the user. Rolling hydraulic floor jacks are ideal for all types of vehicles like cars, SUV and trucks. The right place to buy floor jacks is at http://www.thefloorjackplace.com/. Moreover, you can find ratings of the best floor jacks at yourmechanic.com.

Small floor jacks
When you do not have sufficient room space and money to buy a full size jack it is advised to move to small floor jacks. Some of the model are listing are reviewed below.

Pro lift F-767 is a car jack that falls within any budget. It is a two ton jack made of steel and is a low profile design. The design is ideally suitable for small and medium cars, if works fine on large vehicles as well. The floor jack is apt for occasional oil change, changing tires and tire rotation. The storage is easier and convenient and does not occupy much space. It is easy to store the rolling floor jack anywhere due to its minimalist design. It can be lifted easily and maneuvered around the garage conveniently.

Pittsburg heavy duty 3 ton floor jack
When it comes to heavy duty 3 ton jack, this is considered to be an ideal choice. It comes at an affordable price. It is suitable to lift large trucks and cars. There are many features in the jack, some of the noted being a lifting saddle pad with just 2-7/8” design that can be lifted to a maximum height of 19-3/4”. Among the low profile models this is the best choice. The car can be lifted quickly because of the dual piston design.

Arcan XL2T floor jack
The 2 ton model is a low profile jack that comes with 32” reach making it the most ideal low profile floor jack. The trolley frame makes it convenient to get below the car and roll further. In most jacks this does not happen because the jack gets taller and reaching further below the car would be difficult. The model is designed to lift to about 24”. It is suitable for low cars.

NOS NSJ0201 service jack
Made of aluminum the jack is light and is just 47 lbs. It is equipped with handles making it easier for lifting. The jack can be stored easier at the boot of your car or in a storage compartment. The dual piston facilitates quick lifting and the rubber protects it from scratches below. Though there is no great impact on the jack because of its light weight. The thick aluminum design makes it highly durable. There is a safety valve for overloading caution.

Each hydraulic floor jack model has its own pros and cons, it is upto the user to decide on the requirements and make a decision.